Over the years I have:

  • Created and maintained a patient advocacy practice that continues to help hundreds of patients find the best medical care possible
  • Founded and maintained an alumni group of more than 1200 entrepreneurs to promote and succeed in new business ventures
  • Initiated an online platform for a community of patients to communicate about medical challenges and share support
  • Initiated and designed a website portal for one of the largest medical providers in the US, ensuring that up to 9 million patients had access to their medical records, choice of medical providers, and diagnostic data
  • Implemented state of the art computer technology for more than 2500 newly diagnosed breast cancer, prostate cancer and HRT patients to empower them to make shared medical decisions
  • Helped countless patients receive updated outcomes data from other recently diagnosed cancer patients by designing computerized programs for patient education
  • Ensured that more than 1200 patients were screened for high cholesterol as part of UCSF research study
  • Assisted more than 100 people in their quest to stop smoking
  • Conducted diagnostic testing on hundreds of patients in primary care setting
  • Provided administrative assistance to more than 1000 patients in emergency room, primary care, and inpatient settings

It's been my lifelong pleasure to do this work, but I'm not finished. Please email me to talk about how I can help you.


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