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September 10, 2017

Those are the words I say when someone drops by my home. And since this site is my new virtual home, I feel the same way about you joining me here. I’m glad to see you, and grateful you took the time to come on over. 

Linda Adler Consulting, my new business venture, is one of the high points of my career. It represents not only the culmination of many years of work, but my understanding and acceptance that I can make a unique contribution in my professional life.  I should explain. When I was younger, I spent so much time being in awe of others that it left me doubting myself. There were so many gifted people around me: talented artists, extraordinary athletes, exceptional musicians, and dancers who moved in ways I could only imagine. I was so enamored by the accomplishments of others that it sometimes left me wondering what it was that I could do.


Thankfully my years and experience have helped me realize that talent, and creativity, show up in many forms: although they are sometimes less obvious, or celebrated. Now I understand that my gift may be a little more elusive, but nonetheless precious. I’m a born entrepreneur. I have a unique ability to take a challenge, conceptualize a solution, and then create a program or a business around it; and then grow it into something sustainable. Furthermore, I have learned to add my own unique twist: a dose of creativity, and perhaps even a little mischief.  Look for those words, creativity and mischief, in coming posts, and in future work. They are at the heart of my entrepreneurship.


My consulting business is the home where my entrepreneurial efforts can flourish. It’s the place where I can speak my mind, share my enthusiasm and where I can take whatever talent I have and pay it forward. I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to help others discover and grow their own entrepreneurial efforts, and to support them in finding their own solutions. 

  I’ve spent my professional life trying to make this world of healthcare a little better. I can’t wait to roll my sleeves up and help you do the same! 


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